Sunday, August 28, 2011

Silly pony, water is for drinking!

Well we finally got some hot weather. It isn't AS hot as it has ever been here, but it is in the nineties. I guess Mac just thinks that is too hot because he's been jumping into his water trough!

When he gets in there he starts splashing around and making a lot of noise until Colin comes out to check on him. The past couple of times Colin has had to help Mac get OUT of the bucket!

And I'm sure you're wondering how I'm enjoying my dressage saddle, since I was supposed to get it yesterday. Well, I'm sorry to say that it STILL is not here. When I found out I said many bad words and I'm still pissed about it. Really there's nothing I can do. It isn't the saddle fitter's fault, as she's not the one who made it. The saddler is in the UK and it *supposedly* has been finished and shipped over but my saddle fitter has not yet received it.

So fingers crossed that NEXT weekend it will be here. Anyone want to place bets? ;-)

Monday, August 15, 2011

What a difference a bit makes!

For some reason I decided to change Mac's bit. He was going in a KK loose ring bit, in a thick mouthpiece, and he just fought it all the time. I felt like he was fighting more than he should be and that riding should not be this difficult. *Eventually* we would get there, but it took the whole ride for him to "submit" and it was a bit of an argument to get there.

So I changed his bit to a Myler comfort snaffle. It is a loose ring bit (the cheek pieces are big rings that move loosely through the mouthpiece) and the mouthpiece is much thinner and lighter in weight than the KK. It also has a small roller in the middle and each side of the bit moves independently from the other.

I put the bit on his bridle and lunged him with it first so he could get a feel for how it was different. I got on and WOW! I had the best ride on him ever! He was so light and forward and accepting of the bridle and easy to ride and it was just such a joyous feeling to have that connection with him.

Colin came out the next day to take some video and pictures of me riding, so here it is:

Mac July 30

And here's some canter work. We've obviously got a lot of work ahead of us, but he's getting better and better, especially with this new bit!

Mac canter left

Mac canter

I was supposed to get my saddle last weekend but it STILL isn't in yet. The new expected delivery date is August 27th - I sure hope it happens because I'm having a hard time doing "dressage" in this big ole' honkin' jumping saddle that is two sizes too big for me and puts my leg out in front of me!