Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cow pictures, too!

Ok, here are some pictures I lifted from the video - this was the squirrely cow, so I only took the good shots and left the rest behind!

Here we are warming up.

And bringing the cows in.

And our squirrely cow.

Videos of cow work!

I had a hoof trimmer come out to do Mac's feet since I hurt my elbow and have tendonitis that is very painful. Oh how I wish I had a wayback-time-machine to go back and not do the thing I did to hurt myself! And it wasn't even horse related. :-(

While I was chatting with the trimmer, I mentioned how I went to a cow clinic a couple months ago and how I'd love to do more cow play time. She mentioned that there's actually a cow play date every Tuesday at our local horsemen's arena. So we went!

Here's the first video - it is quite boring if you're not really interested in watching us move cows around, but too bad! The cows were in a pasture area outside the arena so we had to open the gate and go get them. Then when they came in the arena we decided to move them all the way around the arena along the fence line in one direction, then turn around and go back the other way. I'm in my dressage saddle with the bosal. I'm getting more comfortable with the bosal and we did okay with the slow work, but later when we got a squirrely cow I think I didn't do so great.

Anyway, here's the video of us bringing in the cows:

Once the cows were gathered up in the arena, we took turns going into the herd and picking out a cow and separating it from the herd and then moving it down the fenceline. We went first and had an easy cow and made it look like it was the easiest thing in the world!

Our next go I picked the hardest cow because I knew it would take me a while and we'd have to step our game up. Mac was a good sport but I don't think I gave him the best ride; nevertheless we ended on a good note and while I didn't move the cow down the fenceline, I did move him out from the herd (granted he went back a couple times, but I ended by keeping him out on my terms!)