Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Silly video

Ever see video from a helmet cam perspective? That's where the rider has a little video camera on the helmet and you can kind of get the feel of their ride from seeing it from there view. Well, I don't have a helmet cam. But I do have a cell phone with a video camera!

On yesterday's trail ride I decided to get out my cell phone and record a couple minutes of my ride in the beautiful pine forest. To do this, I had to take off my glove (I don't know about you but I can't handle a cell phone with gloves on), stuff it in the pocket of my fishing vest, take the holder off my phone and put it in the pocket also. Hold the camera in my right hand at the right height and hold my reins and my whip in my left hand. As a side note, I carry a dressage whip on the trail for many reasons, least of which is using it on my horse! Every now and then if I have good timing, I can actually swat a fly with it! I use it to mostly clear any cobwebs on a trail...those one-stringers that go from tree to tree and get on your face and are really annoying. I also use it to scratch my back, to get bugs off of Mac's neck, to flip his mane over just 'cause, to move a branch away, and I'm sure some other things that I can't remember at the moment.

Anyway, back to my video. So I've got my reins gathered, the camera on, and I'm ready to go. Off we go to a walk, then a little cluck up to a trot, then a little squeeze into the canter until the trail starts a slight gradual downhill and we go back to the trot. You hear my vest moving around a lot at the beginning so I sort of have to have my reins long enough that my left arm can be across my vest holding it still so it doesn't jostle all over the place and make noise. Then I've got to alternate looking in front of me where I'm going and at the phone screen to make sure I have Mac's head in the camera. And I decided to post the trot, too, so you'll notice that movement as well.

This part of the trail is covered in crushed rock/gravel, so his footsteps are really loud . . .and he's barefoot, so that's cool.

At about 1:50, I think, you'll hear me exhale loudly. That's my "downward shift" cue to walk. Then later on I also do it again and that's my walk-halt cue. Of course I use my body, too, but Mac really listens to that breath.

So here's the blurry and wobbly video for you to enjoy!