Sunday, November 8, 2015

Nothing says I Love You like a barn full of hay! (and chocolate)

I've got some hay that the horses like, so of course I thought it was good. I had it tested and it isn't bad, nutritionally-speaking, but if I look at it from the perspective of having three easy keepers, then the carbohydrates are too high (water soluble carbohydrates and starch). I spent the past week emailing and calling a bunch of hay growers in the area who test their hay. What a treat to be able to see test results before deciding which hay to buy! I finally found two sources - one has sold out for the year, and the other had some first-cutting mixed-grass hay left. I planned on getting 1-2 tons.

Colin thought that it might be too much for our little dump trailer to get 1-2 tons, so he had the idea to rent a flat-bed trailer for the mission. Good idea. I was planning on going with him, but I've been sick and he suggested I stay home, so I did (probably for the best as I lost my voice and can't talk anyway, and how much is a sick person going help with loading hay?).

He called me from the hay barn and said that we could buy 5 tons if we wanted to. I said if it will fit on the trailer and if it is the specific hay that was tested that I wanted then go for it, so he did.

Here's what he brought home.

And the finished work.

We have enough hay to last us until next summer, by our calculations - yay!

In my appreciation of all of Colin's hard work in getting the trailer and loading AND unloading the hay, I gave him my chocolate. xoxoxo