Sunday, March 3, 2013

New videos

I had a friend come up this weekend and so took advantage of her videography skills to get new videos of me and Mac.

The first video is a section of groundwork that we were doing (we did more than this, but this is the shortest of the videos). It was a good day because 1) it was kind of raining, 2) Mac was distracted by my friend videoing, her husband and my husband picking up stuff in the pasture across from the arena, and 3) I was able to work through some snorting issues with Mac (not shown on this video) and he didn't try to escape by running away or exploding.

The next video of me riding him. As you'll see I took the noseband off in preparation for the Buck Brannaman clinic. I wanted to see what it was like because he can be busy with his mouth. What I've found is that without the noseband, it is much more clear to me when he is being fussy with the bit and when he's being quiet with the bit, so it gives me another point of feedback. I think he does fine without it so I'm not really planning on putting it back on until we go to a show. While the video isn't very exciting, I like how he's steadier in the bridle than he has been in the past. He also looks happier and more relaxed to me.