Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weathering the storm

UGH! We had the hugest hail storm yesterday, complete with insane thunder and lightning. Since nobody wants to be in the spooky haunted run-in shed/paddock, I had Buck up in the barn pasture where he'd hang out under a tree or next to the barn doors if he needed a wind break. The other three horses were in the barn. FLASH!!! CLAP!!!! BOOM!!!!! The other horses went running out of their stalls into their paddocks. Buck scooted a little bit but settled right down. The stormy weather actually didn't seem to bother him too much and I think he would have been scared had he been in the barn - it is very loud in there with the metal roof!

So another sign of how sensible he is.

He did figure out that he and Paddy could play bitey-face over the paddock fencing but he didn't get too involved in that that it caused any trouble.

Today the storm is over, although we are still having a cold snap, and Buck is out in the small pasture across the driveway. When Colin went out to fetch him from the barn pasture at lunchtime he came right up to him from across the pasture. I think he likes us ok. :-D

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