Wednesday, October 20, 2010

High highs and low lows

Well if I had posted a few days ago I would have written about how wonderful Mac was doing and he was forward and light and kind of straight. Two days ago I popped him over a cross rail and while he didn't really jump it, he did go over it and in a straight line, at that!

But alas, today is a new day, and I have the green horse blues. Perhaps he doesn't like my jumping saddle. Perhaps he was just in a mood. Perhaps I was riding crooked. If I went left he leaned in to the left and bent his neck to the right. If I went right he leaned in to the right and bent his neck to the left. I'm sure part of it is me but I know that part of it is him being a stinker because if we go along the rail that is closest to home then he has no problem going in a straight line.

I finally decided to sit the trot and that was mostly better because I think I was sitting more in the center and not throwing him off with posting or having a forward position. But ack, I felt like an idiot who couldn't ride today!!!!

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