Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pictures and video!

Today we had a lunge lesson and I got some photos and video. The more lessons we have the more it seems like Mme. Trainer likes Mac. She seems to be very interested in his personality and how he learns, and she reads him very well. Today she commented on how sensitive he is and how he's a one-person horse. He bases his trust on the relationship he has with someone and while he seems to be very friendly and likes people, he doesn't trust everyone.

It was funny because I started lunging him and he was good (the past couple of times he hasn't done any "acting out" or protesting about working). I asked her to lunge him so I could get some pictures and when she went in to work with him his demeanor changed with the change in energy between her and me. He knows me and is used to me but he hasn't worked with her one-on-one very much so he isn't used to her presence. It was very interesting to see how his reaction was very different to subtle personality differences.

Anywhoo, here are some pictures:

This is not a great shot in terms of movement, but I think his butt looks cute:

And here's a better movement shot:

And in this photo you can see the development of his neck muscles:

I also got some video:

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