Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finally - updated video!

So I have updated video to share. Many thanks to Colin for hanging out in the arena with me today.

I know that nobody (as far as I know) likes to watch themselves ride. But I especially didn't like the video I saw from today's ride. Sigh. I've been feeling like things have been going better, but when I look at the video I don't see the progress that I've been feeling. I think that we've made a lot of improvement in straightness, which may or may not be evident in the video. I also feel like my position is better in the dressage saddle, so that is good. But Mac is so fussy with his head. Of course all I post here is the best of our session, but it took a lot to get here and I wonder if we're making any progress. I have to wonder *what* I'm doing wrong that he's not just forward and easy in the bridle. I feel like it is always a struggle to get him to "submit" and happily go along.

So here are some videos for you to . . . enjoy?

Nov. 19

Nov. 19

Nov. 19

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