Monday, June 25, 2012


Here are the videos from my tests this weekend. First, Intro C.

We got a 5 on our first turn from centerline (REALLY need to practice those!), and an 8 on our right lead canter (yay!) and the rest of the scores were 6s and 7s. Judge's comments were that we are a nice pair and that we need to work on relaxation and . . . guess . . . submission in the bridle!

Here's Training 1.

Got a 5 on our first halt (immoble) and an 8 on our right lead canter half circle (last cantering section). Again, the rest were 6s and 7s. Better collective marks except for submission, which was still a 6 - looks like that's what I need to work on the most . . . and don't I know it! Other comments were that he was more relaxed in this test - "good job."

I'm pleased that she gave him 7s for gaits both times. He's really come a long way - from a lateral walk and no canter, to a normal walk and an okay canter. It isn't naturally easy for him to 1) submit in the brain, and 2) submit in the body, and 3) do "horse ballet" in an arena when he'd really rather be out on the trails (or, let's face it, in the pasture eating grass!)!

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