Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy horses!

Many thanks to our great neighbors who let our horses graze on their pastures in the spring! I want to say it is like crack cocaine for them, except they don't get hyped-up . . . so maybe it is more like marijuana for them. They go out for lunch and graze for a few hours and when I bring them in they are sosooooooo mellow! They stand around in a daze, like "wow, man . . .groovy" and just chill for a few hours when I bring them back home. But they don't get the munchies. So maybe it is like Xanax or something - I don't know! All I know is they are so happy and loving life right now!

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  1. Hi, Susan, I've been enjoying your thread on coth re: Buck's clinic (can't post there); wanted to thank you for sharing! Your blog is neat, too! Happy Trails!