Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another saddle / pad picture

Here's a picture of the saddle with a light navajo blanket on top.

We went for a trail ride today up in the forest where we don't normally get to ride in January (usually it is either covered in snow or too muddy), but due to the draught we got to enjoy a lovely 70-degree day in the pine forest. I wish I could get out on the trails more, but due to my work schedule I can now only go on the weekends, although I expect that when the sun rises earlier, I may also be so brave and try to hit the trails before work - we'll see.

Anyway, it was a great ride! We were alone, but Colin and a friend came along on their mountain bikes. We crossed paths on the trails a couple times and for such a big place, I only saw a couple other horses. Aside from the bikes, we saw a little John Deere Cushman-type cart with a guy who works for the camp and he was checking for illegal pot farming. And then when we got to a section of the trail that briefly crossed the road (a very quiet road) and walked along it for a little while, we saw roller-skiers! Mac wasn't quite sure what to make of them so we just stood and watched a few of them roll down the hill and then we went on our way. He was very good about it!

He's been a bit fussy in the bridle so the other day I put my bitless bridle on him for some dressage work in the arena. He was amazingly soft and moved out to the right rein easily (which he usually doesn't do without a bit of fuss), so I'll keep the bit out of his mouth until the dentist can get here in a week or so. Today we again rode with the bitless (which we usually do on the trail anyway) - he actually seems to be more relaxed in it. So that's given me renewed interested in getting a proper hackamore (bosal plus mecate) and I'm in the process of doing research on sizing and whatnot. I found a clinic in the spring that focuses on the hackamore so that will be a great place to start since it takes a couple months to get one made!

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