Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shaping the bosal

As I mentioned in my last post, Mac's bosal needs to be shaped to his head. It should fit like a hat - not tight, but with even contact all around and snug enough that it wouldn't just fall off his nose if there weren't a hanger there.

I took a romex wire and measured the shape of Mac's nose. Then I traced that shape onto paper. You can see how his nose is narrower than the bosal.

I laid the bosal over the tracing for a better view.

Being the wonderful, fabulous husband that he is, Colin took the tracing and shaped a wooden block for me.

You can see where the gaps are on the sides. Colin was also kind enough to lend me one of his hockey skate laces, which are very long, to tie the bosal to the block. The requisite cat inspection is evidenced below.

It has been a couple days now, so I'll untie it tonight and see how it fared. Unfortunately (or fortunately, because we are in a drought), we've had so much rain that I haven't been able to ride since last time (well, that's an obvious statement) - almost two weeks now. I've got a few days off from work coming up so hopefully the weather will cooperate and I'll get back to my training!


  1. That is such a great idea! I have been racking my brain on how to fix the fit on my horse. did you put leather cream or anything on it before to soften it? Did it hold its shape forever?

  2. Hi there! No, I didn't put anything on it. I have rawhide cream but honestly I'm not sure when/how to use it so it is just sitting on my shelf. The bosal didn't hold its shape without help. I put it back on the block and wrapped it up for a few more weeks and that seemed to work. I'll go back and forth as needed.