Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mac has a little sister!

That's what I'm telling him anyway - I'm telling him she is NOT a girlfriend, but a little sister!

I bought myself a pony. An actual pony, not a term-of-endearment pony. "Annwylid D'Lite" is a registered 1/2 Welsh Cob pony (she's actually 3/4 Cob x 1/4 Morgan) by Pro A Resolute out of Cariad Cosmopolitan (1/2 Welsh x 1/2 Morgan). Oh, and she's a two-year-old filly!

I can't believe I bought sight-unseen. I have a friend who just did the same thing, so I was feeling a bit bold and inspired by her adventure. I did see lots of videos and photos of "Dee Dee" and talked to the seller at length, so it isn't like I went in blind. She had a vet check on Friday and is coming home from Arizona hopefully next weekend.

Here she is in her loveliness.

I'm going to start a blog for her so I can track our progress as I've done for Mac. It is fun to look back and see how far we've come!


  1. She's beautiful! Check out those dapples, wow. :)

  2. Thanks! She is lovely, isn't she! Can't wait to meet her . . . I started a blog just for her: