Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mountain View

I take Mac on trail rides probably 2-3 times per week - it is our favorite thing to do together. Just last week I took this picture. I've taken this picture many times, but it never comes out on camera as it appears to me in person. Usually when we're in the juniper forest, we can't really see anything other than trees. There's one part of the trail where we get this view, but it looks so much prettier in person (and since you can't even see it, I will tell you that we're looking at the snow-covered Cascades through the trees).

I've taken a couple months off from dressage work to just trail ride in my western tack, and most recently I've been using the hackamore versus the snaffle bit. Mac is very good in it and it is fun for me to work on improving my skills with a different tool.

Just this weekend I thought I'd dust off my dressage saddle and give him a schooling in the arena and he was so good! I think perhaps the combination of body work plus some time off either with no work or lots of walking work has made him more willing to do work-work. It is such a good feeling to have him straight in his body, light in my hands and off my legs and to be able to ride from my seat. My hip isn't 100% yet, but it is better enough that I can do more canter work than I have done in a while. Perhaps the break was good for both of us!

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