Wednesday, May 25, 2016

An antique store find!

I have very active dreams and sometimes my dreams tell me things. Last week I had a dream about chinks and that if I went to a store, I would find some used ones to buy. Every time I go to the tack consignment store I see if there are any that might fit me. Alas, I've never found any that do. Today on my walk break at work, I went by this antique store that has some really cool stuff. Well, it is part antique store, part thrift store, part weird store, but totally awesome!

And look what I found!

At one point I had been measured for and ordered a custom pair, but after taking my deposit I never heard from the guy again (granted, he never cashed my check, either). I didn't follow up because by the time I remembered, so much time had passed that I just let it go. These chinks aren't as fancy as the ones I would have ordered, but they are much sturdier. The leather is thicker so they will hold up very well to my abuse (so far I've put a hole in every pair of chaps I've had when out on the trails!). And at $65 (!!!) I just couldn't pass them up!

On a different note, a friend loaned me her thinner mecate to try with my bosal. I went to a trainer who didn't like my bosal/mecate set up because he thought there should be more room at the heel knot. He suggested maybe I try a thinner mecate to see if that does the trick, so I'm going to try it tomorrow. The bosal I have was a birthday present and custom made and I can't not use it, so I'll try this first.

Now if only I could dream about the winning lottery numbers!

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