Monday, May 31, 2010

Down to three

This isn't really Mac related but I wanted to mention it because it is an important event at our little farm.

Pippa, our old appy, was put to sleep this morning. Colin went out to feed breakfast and Pippa was down and couldn't get up. He was old, blind, lame, and missing teeth, so we knew that there was nowhere for him to go from here but down hill and the decision had been made for us to let him go.

He had a very happy ending to his long life. I have no idea what his life was like before he got to us, but we took wonderful care of him while he was with us. He had friends, shelter, four meals a day, grooming, veterinary care, hoof care, pasture, and love. I think that's pretty much all a horse really needs to have a good life. He was with us for three years and we guess he was in his late twenties.

I'll miss his soft nickers, the way he let Pico eat out of his bucket, and his soft fur. He was a good old pony, may he rest in peace.

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