Monday, May 31, 2010

Great ride today!

Well I rode Big Mac Attack in our new saddle today and it was great! We went for a short trail ride down the ditch, up the street, zig-zagged through some deer trails in an empty lot, past a house where people were weed-eating, down another street where a dog barked at us, and then back down the ditch and past the scary board that tried to attack him yesterday. ;-) He walked past the boards with no problems. We had no leg-biting issues today.

The whole ride I felt like my left stirrup was shorter than my right. This is the story of my riding life - my stirrups always feel uneven and it causes me back pain. At the end of the ride I put my left stirrup down one hole thinking that would make them uneven (which would then *feel* even because of my uneven legs or something) and lo and behold, my left stirrup WAS one hole shorter than my right! Doh!

Tomorrow the trainer is coming to work with us and I'm so looking forward to it!

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