Sunday, June 13, 2010

First trail ride away from home!

So today Colin and I took Paddy and Mac and met our friend Tom at one of the local trails. I have to interject and say that Tom and his wife Amy were the ones who found Mac and I'm so thankful that I went along with Amy to see him one day (and that she decided she didn't want to buy him!)

I've been wanting to get Mac out on the trails but wanted to make sure that he was more solid on trailer-loading so that I could go by myself and know that I could get him on the trailer after the ride.

We loaded Paddy on the trailer and it took Mac less than a minute to join the party. We got there and unloaded and tacked up and everything was just fine - no drama. Tom brought his new horse who looks like a unicorn without the horn and he was even cuter in person than in the pictures I saw!

From the time Colin swung a leg over, Paddy was a very bouncy horse and it wasn't the "walk on the buckle" relaxing trail ride that I hoped Colin would have. He handled it well - sometimes Paddy just gets like that (actually it was the first trail ride of the season and what Paddy really needed was a 10-minute gallop up a steep hill!). Mac was very level-headed despite Paddy's antics. It looks like there have been some new trails cut there (although they're lined with gravel which I DON'T like) that I look forward to exploring.

Half way through the ride Tom and I switched horses and I got to ride the big unicorn. He was a very nice boy and didn't mind being in back and just letting Paddy bounce along.

We finished our ride, wet-towel bathed the horses, loaded them up and went home. It was a very easy and non-stressful event for Mac. Really, if I had access to great trails out my back door, I may never do anything other than trail ride!

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