Friday, June 4, 2010


Finally the vet and I synched up and she came out yesterday to do Mac's teeth. She said he had the biggest canine teeth she'd ever seen! She didn't see any wolf teeth. It is likely they were taken out when he was gelded. That, or he never got any.

Mac was a Very. Good. Boy. for the vet. He was quite drunk with his sedation and was quiet and easy to work with (despite getting drugs, some horses are still difficult). I got quite the compliment afterward; she said, "Congratulations on such a nice horse. I really like him." That made me quite happy, as I quite like him, too!

Today was test drive day for trailering Mac and Tomato together. I put Tomato's shipping boots on because Mac kicked the last time he was in the trailer and I wanted to give Tomato a little protection in case anything happened.

Of course Tomato walked right on like the champ he is. Mac is used to walking on by himself and on the side where Tomato was, so he was a bit confused by his now smaller area to load into. It took a few tries and a bit of "work outside, rest inside" but it didn't take any longer than 5 minutes and he was on. He didn't panic or get nervous when the butt bar went up, either, which is good news. I tied his head up, closed the doors, and off we went to the gas station (might as well multi-task!). Both Tomato and Mac were very good. There was no kicking or screaming in the trailer. They were quiet and trailered quite nicely the entire time. I'm looking forward to going on an adventure with Colin and Tomato, and Mac!

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