Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beauty Parlor

Well I did it. I "pulled" Mac's mane. I didn't actually pull it but I used the Solo Comb to shorten it. The Solo Comb doesn't do anything for thinning so it isn't much help when it is time to braid for a show, but I'm not planning on braiding Mac any time soon so the Solo Comb was perfect for this situation.

I don't really like long manes and decided that since he's in training that he might as well look like a proper English riding horse.

Here's Mac in the cross ties before I shortened it. Cross-tie pictures are never good - his head looks larger than life and his body looks long and skinny.

It took me about 30 minutes and he was a bit fidgety, but I got it done.

I put him back in his paddock and he wouldn't stand still away from me so someone kindly stood outside his gate and bribed him with a treat.

I think he looks very handsome!

We had a great lunging lesson on Wednesday and if I can get him to go like that under saddle, then he'd look like quite the fancy little mustang!

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  1. It's great to read another blog about someone working with a green horse. I started my training blog when I bought my 7yo unbroke broodmare. I also remember posting some of the same things about cleaning her up to look like a "real" horse as well as our first canters. Congrats.