Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Broken finger!

Well, my pinkie finger is broken. Colin tried to get me to go to urgent care last week but since I already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for yesterday I decided to wait. Went to the doctor and showed her my finger and she said, "that doesn't look right" and ordered an x-ray. Radiology is at the hospital, not at the doctor's office, so she sent orders over for me to show up following my appointment. Must have been a slow day for injuries because they saw me right away and I was in and out in 15 minutes.

Colin called me at work this morning with the news that the doctor called and said that indeed my finger is broken at the joint (closest to the fingernail). It isn't displaced, but in order for it to stay that way they want to put it in a splint. Colin went and got a temporary splint and doctored my finger, but not before I took a picture of it.

I wish I had a Mac because I'm sure there are photo tools I could use to circle and use arrows to show where the break is. You can see that the bottom of the finger (by the knuckle) is bruised, and you can see a cut at the top (closest to the fingernail) joint where the break is. I hope I get to see the x-rays when I go in on Friday to get the bona-fide splint.

It isn't too painful, but it is throbbing a bit so Colin gave me some of his super-duper Tylenol to help it feel better. I will figure out how I can keep riding with my splint on!

Last weekend I took Mac for a trail ride and rode him bareback and he was so good! I got off to walk with him up a long hill so that I could get some exercise, too, and found a big fallen tree to use to get back on. We saw a few bikers and he did well with them. We also saw some other riders who crossed our path and that was a good schooling opportunity because he wanted to go with them and so I made us go the opposite direction. We passed another group of horses, and then another, and each time he was better (not that he was ever bad, he just wanted to follow them). I think growing up in a herd like he did makes him more tuned in to seeking out a herd for (perceived) safety - he's inclined to turn to horses vs. people. I want him to know that I am his safety and I will be the lookout and protector for him.

At the staging area I met some nice ladies who were about to go out on the trail and gave them my number so I could show them some other trails this summer (they trailered from out of town). Really, I just love trail riding!!!!

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