Saturday, June 25, 2011

Expletive, expletive, expletive!!!XXX***&&&%%!!1

I just wasted over an hour trying to figure out this stupid blogger thing and FINALLY I was able to get the email address changed to something else. Stupid technology.

Speaking of expletives, there was an episode of Myth Busters about whether or not swearing reduced pain, and indeed it does. If you hurt yourself and you swear, your perceived pain is less than if you didn't swear.

Which leads me to my last lesson...

We had a good lesson and afterward as I was taking Mac's bridle off and putting his halter on, he stepped on my foot. Using my favorite expletive that starts with the letter F, I yelled at him and pushed his shoulder. Which caused him to startle and pull back. Honestly, I cannot remember exactly what happened, but my fingers were caught in the rope halter and when he pulled back the halter squeezed tighter and tighter on my fingers and when he finally stopped and I got my hands free, I said some more bad words. Three out of my four appendages were just brutally assaulted!

I got his halter on, but had that "this hurts so bad I want to throw up" feeling in my stomach. I did not throw up but instead ran my hands under water and sucked it up and stayed calm and finished untacking him and loaded him on the trailer for home. My foot hurt and my hands were throbbing.

When I got home I unloaded him and gave him a bath, then gave Tomato a bath, put them out in the pasture, cleaned out the trailer, and went in the house to ice my hands and foot. It was pretty hard to do - ice both hands and my foot all at the same time - but Colin came down from the neighbors' house and helped me out.

The long and short of it is that my foot no longer hurts, although it looks ugly:

And my fingers look normal but still feel weird. Maybe there's nerve damage there? My middle finger on my right hand is still kind of numb...maybe it is just the nail bed...there's a lot of pressure in there. The pinkie finger on my left hand also hurts. Don't know if it is broken or sprained or whatever. It isn't straight and it hurts to type. If it is broken, it is just the tip.

So I got out the Blocker Tie Ring that I bought years ago and will attach it to the trailer and start using my leather halter regularly (instead of the rope halter) - less stuff for my fingers to get caught in, and easier to work with!

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