Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hey Sexy Lady!!!!

This week's lesson at Susan's was perfect. While the first two times Mac was on his (mostly) best behavior, this week was different . . . there was a Haflinger mare *in heat*, no less, tied outside of the round pen while he was having his lesson. AND, some joggers went by on the path directly behind the round pen. This was a perfect scenario and was directly related to the problems we've had: how to act or react to a sexy lady or scary distractions when it is time to work.

Susan worked on the ground a lot and this time he wasn't so willing to give up control of where his feet were but he did come around. After a while she got on and got some lovely canter work from him and when I got on he felt great.

Perhaps next time we'll graduate to moving into the arena which is away from the other horses!

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