Thursday, April 24, 2014

Buck Brannaman clinic - Red Bluff - Day 0.5

Today is arrival day, day 0.5. The weather is grey and cloudy and it is chilly and raining with thunder and lightning. Not what I like! Thankfully I got here before the bad weather rolled in and got Mac all settled and let him have a little run-around in the outdoor arena and did some groundwork in the big indoor arena.

There's lots going on - lots of people milling about, lots of horses whinnying greetings to each other, the guys delivering hay and shavings, Tina checking people in, people parking trailers, people riding, people doing groundwork, whew! I ran into some friends I met last year already, a friend from the cow clinic two weeks ago, and am looking forward to catching up with them and watching and learning.

My plan for tomorrow is to go early and feed Mac, get him in the indoor when the people for the first class are warming up (just so I can get him in there with commotion before any classes actually start and the first class will start with ground work), maybe have a short little ride, then do some shopping and watch the clinic ALL DAY LONG!!! What could be better!?

Mad props to my husband who is holding down the fort at home. Without him it wouldn't be possible for me to come here and do this.

There's a photographer here who will be doing the classes, but I'm on my own for getting candids . . . and I think there will be a lot of selfies, too. Here's one (I haven't quite mastered the technique!).

And one more - am I a total dork?

I'm back to update after unpacking in the hotel room and then going out to check on Mac before going to bed. I had to take some pictures of my shirts. I brought a lot of shirts. I'm here from Thursday - Tuesday morning. I brought six long-sleeved button-up shirts, three long-sleeved cotton shirts, three short-sleeved cotton shirts, and two tank tops. I also have three pairs of jeans and a pair of sweatpants and a new jacket that I got at the thrift store (shown in the picture above). So here are my shirts in the closet.

And this is my favorite shirt - another thrift store find! I've been saving it for months just for this occasion and I haven't even worn it yet!

I gave Mac a little massage tonight when I went out to tuck him in. I think he might be a little sore from the cow clinic, as he's been resting his RH more than his LH, but I can't find any heat or swelling, he trots sound, and he doesn't drag his foot or take any short steps. I might just be crazy, but I thought a little massage around the stifle and butt and shoulders couldn't hurt. He seemed to like it a lot, as we were standing in the dark outside the gate of the outdoor arena when one horse and then another got turned out and ran around bucking and farting and playing and Mac didn't flinch or startle or make a move. Actually, I've actually just put him on a magnesium supplement because he's got a thick, firm crest and from experience with a previous horse I know that Mg can be helpful with muscle soreness and tension. One of the good things about this venue is that there are turnouts for the horses so I can put Mac out during the day tomorrow so he won't be stuck in a stall the entire time.

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