Friday, April 18, 2014

Pictures from the clinic!

I got the first batch of pictures from the first day of the clinic - thank you so much to the spectator who took them, I am grateful!

Here's a picture of Dave working a cow after he (from the saddle) took off his horse's bridle.

And here's me being wowed by watching him (wow, my hair is long!).

Here's the group holding rodear (did I say that right?).

Here are the cows in their pen before they opened it up. That cinnamon-colored cow was a bit squirrely and I got that one on my second try of the first day.

Here's Mac being impressed by something - either a cow or his girlfriend (he falls in love very quickly and right away had his lady picked out).

Here's an artsy shot of my leg - I wore these chaps on the first day and since we sat around and watched a lot, my knees were killing me at the end of the day. I ended up lengthening my stirrups for day two and borrowing my friend's chinks - time to buy some new chinks of my own!

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