Saturday, May 17, 2014

New video #1 - ground work

Colin was generous with his time today and kindly videotaped my ride. I broke the session up into two videos - the first is this one (ground work). The next will be the ride.

In this ground work video the main thing I was working on was softness at the end of the rope and you probably can't tell, but I was trying to lead Mac and do all the ground work with just a fingertip on the rope. This is a typical pre-ride warmup, although they are usually just a bit shorter. Sometimes I focus on different things, like more bend, or more flexion, or more stepping through, or more energy, or whatever. Today I just wanted to see what I could do with one finger on the end of the rope.

You'll see that there's a part in the half-circle exercise where Mac gets a bit excited - that actually isn't uncommon for this exercise, so a couple times I stopped after one or two half circles and praised him. I tried to not change my energy in order to bring his down. We did leading exercises, backing exercises, moving shoulders, half circles, figure 8s, cavaletti, circles around the arena, etc.

It is long and potentially boring, so kudos to you if you get through it!

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