Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pictures from the Buck Brannaman clinic - yay!

Here are some of my favorites!

Here we are on day 1 - probably working on the serpentine exercise.

Here's day 2 - working on either a soft feel or backing (or backing with a soft feel!).

Here's day 2 - just walking. Maybe you can notice the position of my feet and how awkward they look. Something about the combination of those boots and stirrups made my feet just ache!

Here's day 2 - Buck talking at the end of class.

The photographer missed day 3.

Here's day 4 - working on backing and turning . . . or backing in a circle. You'll notice that I switched out my stirrups, put my paddock boots on and my english chaps, and have my legs much longer - I think my stirrups are too long but at least I wasn't in pain!

Day 4 again - probably doing a serpentine.

Day 4 - trotting along.

I can't believe it is over - such fun memories!!

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  1. What great shots! Mac looks so soft and supple in the hackamore. Nice work. :)