Saturday, April 30, 2011

First jumping lesson!

I don't know that you could call it jumping, but we had our first jumping lesson yesterday!

We started out trotting over some poles and that went great (we've been doing poles at home and Mac is just good about where he puts his feet anyway). So then we did a crossrail on a circle. He was very unimpressed and only trotted over it. We did that in both directions. Then we did a trot-in/trot-out crossrail to crossrail. Again he was not impressed and only trotted over it. Our biggest problem is going straight so that's what I tried to focus on. Coach was interested in having him do more of a "jump" so she put scary flower boxes in front of the crossrail (it could be alarming to him because he hadn't seen them before so he would perhaps have more of a "reaction" or desire to go over it instead of just across). He did take a little peek and do a bit of a jump, but just the first time. After that he didn't care anymore so continued to just trot over the crossrail. So then she put the crossrail up to a vertical with the flower boxes in front. He did a bit more of a jump but not consistently. I guess that is really what I want, though, for him to be unimpressed and not scared of the obstacle and go over if I ask him to. Of course, we need to work on straightness.

I'm signed up to do a small cross country clinic in a few weeks so hope to get a couple more jumping lessons under out belt before then!

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