Saturday, April 30, 2011

Growing up . . . or out

It appears that Mac has grown from his training such that I think his western saddle might not be fitting him quite right anymore. I pulled out Colin's old jumping saddle that we used on our QH a few years ago and this time it seems to fit better. (I had tried this saddle on Mac when I first got him but it was too wide.) I've been riding in that for a couple weeks and he seems to like it. I do have a call in to the saddle fitter to come check things out. I've been going back and forth about wanting a dressage saddle. I LOVE my western saddle and if I could make that work then I think that would be my first choice. I like having a jumping saddle because, well, I hope to do some jumping with Mac. The western saddle is so comfortable for trail riding.

Speaking of trail riding, we went out for the first time since he got back and had a great ride. He is just sooooo good on the trails! We went down the steepest trail that scares the snot out of me and I've never gone down on it (I have gone up) because I don't like downhills! But on Mac, I felt confident and he was very sure footed and good. Here's a view from the bottom.

Then when we got to the bottom I noticed that a trail that had been closed for a couple years was now open. Trouble was, there was a tree that had fallen across it.

I was confident that Mac and I could go over it and that's just what we did. He didn't bat an eye and I wasn't worried.

Here's a picture from my viewpoint.

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